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Capturing a pick up on mobile/ tablet
Capturing a pick up on mobile/ tablet
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Note: 'Created' & 'Received' movements status are not visible in the mobile version. The mobile view only reflects movements with a status of 'Ready to Move' & 'In Transit' to make the movement list more accessible.

1 - Locate the movement being picked up on the All page, Today page or Starred page.

Tip: To make it easier to locate the movement utilities the search function.

2 - Within the mobile version, select the movement being picked up by touching the movement tile.

3 - Allow KPMG Origins access to know your device location.

This is required for the GPS to record the location of the pickup and drop off for the regulator.

4 - The pickup and drop off locations are displayed.

5 - Click the dropdown arrow to expand the section containing the 'Pick Up' information.

6 - The 'Pick Up' will be displayed.


  • Waste Types

  • Quantity

  • Weight

  • Age (defaults to end of life unless “new” is selected).

Note: Different details are displayed depend on waste type selected.

7 - The Transporter can edit the waste detail information if the actual Pick Up details differ to the original consignment.

Amend by clicking on the item, a popup screen will appear to enable alternative information to be entered.

8 - Input all the mandatory transporters details per fields.

Note: This information will be auto populated from 'Your details' (Feature coming soon)

Important: Check & amend if any auto populated information is incorrect.

9 - Transporter Pick Up declaration.

The transporter is required to make a declaration. Clicking the circle if you have read and agree with the declaration.

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