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How to Bulk Create Movements for an Asbestos Project
How to Bulk Create Movements for an Asbestos Project

A guide on how to easily create multiple movements for your Asbestos Project.

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Before creating a bulk set of asbestos movements, you must have an "approved" asbestos project that you can create the movements from, for a guide on how to complete an asbestos project in IWTS, please see this article: How to Create an Asbestos Project | KPMG Origins Help Centre

1 - From your IWTS homescreen select Movement Authorisations.

2 - Select the asbestos project that you wish to create a bulk set of movements for.

3 - Select View & Create Movements From [Approval ID]

4 - Select Create Movements From [Approval ID]

5 - Enter how many movements you would like to create in the field indicated below, then select Continue.

6 - You will be brought back to the previous screen with a message now appearing above the table indicating that the movements are being created, refresh your screen and the message will change to confirm the movements have been successfully completed, and you will see the movements now appear in the movements list below.

Note - The time it takes for the system to create the movements depends on how many movements are being created, large quantites may require longer to create.

6 - The created movements can now be edited/updated individually by updating the movement details of each movement or these bulk created movements can be bulk edited - for a walkthrough of how to bulk edit movements please see this article: How to Edit / Update Multiple Movements | KPMG Origins Help Centre

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