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Adding New Locations For Your Organisation
Adding New Locations For Your Organisation

How to add a new location for your organisation

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Note: Before adding a new location make sure to search for this location thoroughly in the location search fields. You can search by company name, site name, and address. Try all three before adding a new location to the system.

If the location that you are searching for in either the pick up or drop off location is not present, it may not be in the system, in which case you should add it manually.

There are two ways that you can access the Add Locations screen:

  1. Click on your account name in the bottom left corner, and select Settings from the options that appear, then select the Locations tab, and then +Add Location button.

  2. Or, select the “Add a new Location” link that is found beneath the Search for pick up location or Search for drop off location boxes.​

Once in the Add Location screen, follow these next steps to add your location to the system:

  1. Complete the Location Details form, starting with indicating that you are the location owner by selecting the "Own Organisation".

    Next, fill out the section called Name & Address. Here you will need to add a name for the location, the address – via an address search bar or manual entry, and what time zone the facility is in. Once complete continue to the next section below.​

  2. The Identification section is optional however here you can add a unique identifier for the location based on another form of identification that you have for the facility.

  3. Once added click on the Save and Close button at the bottom right of the screen to save this location and close this screen, then return to the Create a New Movement page and enter the location you have just created in the appropriate pick up / drop off search, the new location should now appear in the list to select.​

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