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Signing in to IWTS on a Mobile Device
Signing in to IWTS on a Mobile Device
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Note: to login you need to have signed up to KPMG Origin first.

The Sandbox and Live environments require individual signups.

  1. Go to the KPMG Origins environment you which to login to.

    1. (Sandbox - Learning environment)

  2. Click 'Log in'

3. Enter your email address and select 'Continue'.​

4. Enter your password and click 'Log In'

If you are part of multiple organisations - A screen will appear showing all of the organisations that you are authorised to act on behalf of, click the organisation you wish to use and this will finish logging you in and bring you to the home screen for that organisation.​

Note: KPMG Origins will automatically log out any user after 24 hours, this measure is in place to ensure your account security is maintained.​

For standard users once you have clicked "Log In" you will be in the system, for Admin users there is an extra security step:

For Admin Users:

Admin users will be required to login with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for security.

6. Open the authenticator app on your mobile.

7. Locate the correct KPMG Origins environment logging into and press and hold to copy the uniquely generated 6 digit code.

8. Come back to KPMG Origins page and press in the 'Enter your code' field and click on paste. (Alternatively type the code in.)

If your device is your own and secure from anyone else using it, you can check the 'Remember my device' checkbox, which will mean the MFA will only be required once every two weeks when signing in from same device (browser). The checkbox text is highlighted in green in the image below.

9. Click 'Verify'.

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