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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is required for users that have administrator access to IWTS.

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Setting up the authentication on sign up:

Note: Two Factor Authentication can only be set up on one mobile device per user.

1. Within your mobile phone app store, download an authenticator app such Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator​. These apps are free.

2. Follow the steps on your device to set up the authenticator app​.

3. Scan the QR code on the 2FA page with your authenticator app to add KPMG Origins.

Note: If on a mobile device, and are unable to scan the QR code, click 'Can't scan the QR Code?' underneath the QR code and it will generate a code and the account name to enter into the authenticator app manually.

4. Click 'Continue' on the 2FA page.

5. The authenticator app will generate a unique 6 digit code that refreshes every 30 seconds.

This code is essential for authentication every time you login as admin user.​

6. Enter the 6 digit code generated by your authentication app and click 'Verify'.​

If your device is your own and secure from anyone else using it, you can check the 'Remember my device' checkbox, which will mean the MFA will only be required once every two weeks when signing in from same device (browser). The checkbox text is highlighted in green in the image below.

Trouble using the authentication app

Note: If you want to use both sandbox (learning environment) and the live versions of IWTS then you need to have the authentication app set up for both.

Please make sure the URL of the login page is the same environment as the code.


Sandbox environment:

Live Version:

In your authentication app on your mobile, do you have code being generated for KPMG Origins? If yes, is the code generated for:

‘KPMG Origins Sandbox: [your email]’ or ‘KPMG Origins: [your email]

URL and authentication app need to be the same environment:

Sandbox environment: URL: needs the code from ‘KPMG Origins Sandbox: [your email]’

Live Version: URL: needs the code from ‘KPMG Origins: [your email]’

If you do not have any KPMG Origins codes in your authentication app and the login page after typing in your email and password is not showing a QR code (image below) to scan please contact support, [email protected] and we can reset your authentication setup.

If you are seeing the page below please follow the steps above for setting up 2fa.

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