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IWTS Transporters mobile version
Offline/ out of signal range on mobile / tablet device
Offline/ out of signal range on mobile / tablet device

IWTS mobile version supports offline work

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IWTS mobile version supports offline work for when you are out of range of signal and reception.

To work offline, first need to login online and access the movements to 'download' the movements before going offline.

When out of signal range and offline data is saved and then synched once online.

Note: Syncing only happens when logged in and inside KPMG Origins IWTS with signal and online.

Important: If device sharing and multiple users' login to the same device.

Must sync data before someone else login to the device. A different user logging in will reset the data of first user.

Scenario: John logs out while offline and then Paul login on the iPad after it was online but without John logging in, Johns offline data will be lost as it resets.

John must login online to sync his movements data before logging out before Paul login.

Notification of offline data needing to be synced:

Notification of syncing offline data:

Notification of syncing fail.

Click retry to resync.


If discrepancies between what's on the server and what's on the mobile device the mobile version will updated with latest from server once online.

If conflict of data from the sever and the mobile device is a critical one, for example validations changed while offline, an option will be provided to fix data and click sync.

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