Getting Started on Mobile

If you will be using IWTS on a mobile device read this article for help getting started.

Updated over a week ago

1 - Open up your invite email and click the "Accept & Sign Up" button.

2 - Complete the account set up steps such as password and two-factor authentication (if required)

Note: If you are an admin user, during the set up of the authenticator you will be asked to scan a QR code, as you are on mobile you will need to click the 'Can't scan the QR Code?' underneath the QR code and it will generate a code and the account name to enter into the authenticator app manually.

3 - Create a shortcut on your mobile device's home screen to make accessing IWTS on your mobile quick and easy.

4 - Once logged into your account, familiarise yourself with the layout.

5 - Add your personal details to your profile - these details can be then used for auto-fill on movements if needed.

6 - You can create your first movement, or if you are just the transporter for an already created movement then just enter the details that you are required to i.e. pick up and drop off

7 - Be sure to allow IWTS to know your location when the pop up appears this is so the regulator has visibility where the waste was picked up and dropped off.

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