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Missing IWTS Invitation Email
Missing IWTS Invitation Email

What to do if you cannot find your KPMG Origins IWTS invite email.

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Can't find your invite email?

1 - Check the spam/junk folder of your emails.

2 - Ask a colleague in your organisation who has logged in to IWTS to check if you are in the list of users of the account, and to add you into the account if you are not (Admin role is required to add users to an account)

3 - If step 1 & 2 didn't work you may not have an account and you will need to register your organisation for IWTS

Received an invite email but it has expired?

You can ask a colleague with admin access to resend an invite email to you, alternatively contact [email protected] for assistance.

Note: Some organisations have an extra layer of email security called a quarantine filter which will block the emails from entering any of your mailboxes (even spam/junk) check with your IT department if this might be preventing the invite emails from being received.

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