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IWTS Transporters mobile version
Navigating KPMG Origins mobile​ version / tablet
Navigating KPMG Origins mobile​ version / tablet

Learn to navigate the mobile version home screen

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Mobile version has been designed to assist transporters, specifically drivers, involved in the movement process to complete transporter requirements, such as confirmation of pick up and confirmation of drop off. To create a movement you need to login to IWTS on a computer.

To access the KPMG Origins mobile version: on the internet browser, select log in and enter your registered email address and password. After logging in you will land on the mobile version home screen.

Make the mobile version appear like an app on your device by adding a shortcut on your mobile home screen.

1 - Menu:

1 - Change Organisation - If part of multiple organisations

2 - Account details - (feature coming soon)

3 - Help - Opens the Help Centre, with step by step guides and information

4 - Sign out - Log out of KPMG Origins

5 - Synced status - status of movements data when offline and out of signal range

6 - Close menu

2 - Search bar filter

Search movements by ID, location, vehicle registration & driver.

Tip: Search your name to locate movements assigned to you then use the star function to have all your movements on the starred page.

3 - Filter button

Selecting this will bring up four different fields which you can filter the movement list by.​

4 - Movement cards:

• Movement status​
• Movement ID​
• Material being moved​
• Name of pick up location and name of drop off location

5 - Star button

All starred movement are show to the starred list featured at the bottom of the page.​

6 - Help Centre

Support live chat & help articles.

7 - All

Select this to return to the homepage with list of movements from any of the other screens.​

8 - Today

Shows a list of movements that the logged in user is a participant of and that has any of the following as the current day’s date:​

  • Estimated pick up date​

  • Estimated drop off date​

  • Actual pick up date​

  • Actual drop off date

9 - Starred

A page showing a list of starred movements.​

10 - Scroll

List of individual movement cards displaying.

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