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How to create and complete a movement on IWTS

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The below steps describe a generalised process for completing movements on IWTS - the steps below may vary depending on the material type being transported and what State of Australia the material is being moved within or between.

1 - Log in to KPMG Origins on a computer,

2 - Click on the 'Movements' button.

3 - Click 'Create New Movement' button on the movements list page.​

4 - On the Create New Movement page, within the 'Search for Pick Up Location' field, type the location name, organisation name or address from which the material will be collected.

Note: If the location you are searching for, does not appear you will need to add it as new location first, you can do this by selecting the "adding a new location" link that will appear when the location can't be found, or by going to your location settings

Once added you can go back and search for the location in the pickup field.

5 - Once the pickup location has been added, follow the same steps for adding the drop off location.​ The 'Material Details' section will appear after the drop off location has been added.

6 - Click the field named 'Search for Material ID or Name', you can scroll through a list of trackable materials to select or you can start typing the material name or code to narrow down the list.

Note: If your pick up and drop off locations are in different States then a second Material ID search box will appear where a destination state Material ID should be selected from the options available.

7 - Once you have selected your material type you should then select if you would like to apply a "Commercial in Confidence" to the movement - if yes is selected the waste generator and pick up details will be hidden from the waste receiver.

Note: This option is mostly relevant for transporters, who may not want the receival facility to know who your customer (the generator of the material) is.

​If 'commercial in confidence' is selected 'Yes', the receiver will see “Commercial in Confidence” in place of the name of the generator and pick up location, as show below:

The commercial in confidence will also appear over the generator details fields in the movement process form.​

Note: If yes is selected for commercial in confidence this will not hide the generator and pick up details from the receival facility if the transporter and receival facility are the same organisation.

8 - You've now entered all of the information to set up your movement. Click the 'Continue' button - this creates the movement and loads the movement summary page.

9 - On the summary page of your newly created movement select the blue 'Add Details' button next to the first step in the movement process that is available to you.

Note: Depending on the material involved the first step may look different than the screenshots shown, however the purpose of this guide is to take you through the general process of how to complete these steps without going into specifics of information required.

10 - The first page of information to be completed will appear, complete the information on this page and click "Save & Continue" at the bottom right of the page, continue completing the pages in this step until you reach the final page.

Note: Your progress through the movement is indicated through the numbers at the top of this screen, once a section is completed the corresponding number changes blue and turn into a clickable link to skip back to that section.
Some movement types will have less or more pages to complete for each step depending on the information required by the regulator.

11 - Once the final form in this step is completed select the blue 'Submit' button to save your entries and be taken back to the movement summary page. ​

Note: If you made an error on or missed mandatory information on one of the pages, then that page's number will change red, and a “Contains Errors” message will appear. Click on the number to go to the page and fix the error.​

12 - ​You will be brought back to the movement summary page where you will now see the step you just completed has been highlighted blue and has a submitted check mark on it.

You can also see that the participants list of the movement has now been updated to contain all of the participants that are involved in this movement (including the Regulator), and the status of the movement has been updated to "Ready to Move" indicating that the movement is ready for the transporter to collect.

14 - You can also see which participants can edit which steps of the movement, for example in this movement only the Transporter and Creator can edit the second step. Steps will also state if you are able to add data to them.

Depending on the requirements of your State Regulator, the steps of a movement may need to be filled out before, after, or during the movement taking place.

In the tyres movement example above, step number 2 "Tyres Pick Up Details" would be completed by the driver when they collect the tyres using the mobile version of IWTS.

Note: If you are unsure of your regulatory requirements for using IWTS please contact your regulator.

15 - Once the Pick Up step is completed the movement will display an "In Transit" status.

16 - Once the Drop Off step is completed the movement will display a "Received" status.

17 - The final step to be completed on a movement will be the "Submit" step where the final submission of the movement to the regulator takes place. After this the movement is complete and the "Submitted" status will appear.

Note: Movements can also be created and edited on the mobile version of IWTS, for instructions on how to do this please see this article: Creating a Movement on the Mobile version | KPMG Origins Help Centre

Tip: Is this movement repeated weekly or monthly? Make the movement automatically repeat with the 'Auto-Create' function.


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