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Creating Asbestos Projects
Creating Asbestos Projects
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When required to move large amounts of Asbestos from a site to a receival facility IWTS caters for the simple creation of multiple movements using the systems Movement Authorisations feature.

1 - From your IWTS home screen select Movement Authorisations

2 - Select Create Movement Authorisation

3 - Select the pick up state and search for the drop off location, once entered you'll then see the material details search box appear below, search for "Asbestos" here and select the option which appears called "NSWNEPM.N220-Projects | Asbestos"

Below this you can also choose whether or not to apply a commercial in confidence filter to the generator and pick details. Select continue to finish this step.

4 - The following screen is the summary of the Projects Authorisation that you have just created, in order to complete the set up of the project we need to add in details to the section called Movement Authorisation Process starting at step one Projects Authorisation. Select the blue Add Details button.

5 - This step requires you to fill out a series of short forms with key contact information for the pick up site, transporter and receiving facility, as well as information about the project such as start and finish dates, and description. Finally information about the waste being generated is needed such as the type, and amount.

6 - When the final form has been entered you will be brought back to the summary screen where you can now select the second step of the Movement Authorisation Process - Approve or Refuse.

This step is simply a confirmation that you wish to submit and create this project, once submitted your project will be created.

7 - The Summary page will now be updated to show an approved status and underneath this a button allowing you create a movement using this project template.

Tip - Individual movements for projects can be completed now from mobile or desktop, this help guide will display the mobile version.

Creating Asbestos Project Movements from Mobile

You can also now create a printable QR code for an Asbestos project, drivers can scan this QR code when at a project site using their mobile device's camera and it will open a new movement for this project on the mobile version of KPMG Origins IWTS with pre-filled information for this project.

1 - After scanning the QR code, the create new movement page will appear on your mobile device, select continue at the bottom of this page.

Tip - The below page will only appear if you are already logged into KPMG Origins IWTS on your device, if you are not you will be brought to the log in screen first.

2 - On the following screen there will be a list of information related to the movement much of which will be filled out. The key parts for the driver to fill out now are:

During pick up

  1. Transporter details (if not determined during project set up)

  2. Pick Up Asbestos Waste Details

  3. Driver and Vehicle Details (These can be auto-filled using the button in this section if the driver has set up their account details)

  4. Pick up declaration

During drop off

  1. Any changes in the quantity of asbestos (if weighbridge differs from estimate at pick up)

  2. Docket number and drop off notes (optional)

  3. Submit


  1. View declaration and select the check box and then submit the movement. The movement is now completed.

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