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Creating a Movement on Mobile or Tablet
Creating a Movement on Mobile or Tablet

How to create a movement on the KPMG Origins IWTS mobile version

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Movements can be created both via desktop and mobile, to see how to create a movement on desktop, see this article: Creating a movement ​ | KPMG Origins Help Centre

To create a movement on mobile you must first be on the KPMG Origins app, to learn how to get this app please read this article: How to Add IWTS to Your Mobile Device | KPMG Origins Help Centre

1- Once logged in to the KPMG Origins app on your mobile or iPad you will be brought to your home screen, from here select the blue circle with the white cross indicated below.

2 - Now search for the pick up and drop off locations.

Tip: You can search these using a location name, organisation name, or address by entering at least four characters.

3 - After entering the drop off location the Material Details and Commercial in Confidence sections of this page will appear. Search for the material by it's name or ID, and select whether the generator and pick up details are confidential, before pressing Continue.

Note - If your pick up and drop off locations are in different States then a second Material ID search box will appear where a destination state Material ID should be selected from the options available (click search box to see options).

4 - The following screen will contain a series of sections and information fields that should be filled out, step one will generally require details about the material generator, transporter, receiver and the material quantity and type being tracked.

Tip: The status indicator underneath the unique movement identifier tells you the stage which this movement is up to.

5 - Once you have filled out all of the relevant information in a section select the submit button. If successful the button will now say "Submitted" and the subsequent sections will no longer be locked for editing.

Tip: When you are finished with a section and have submitted it, you can click on the upwards facing arrow next to the title of that section to minimise it.

6 - Continue through the following sections as far as is relevant to your role in the movement, noting that for some users this will be the entire process and for others it may only be one section.

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